* the air crackles with freedom

* hi there!!! im jevil, welcome to my room!

* this is my petz website. for now im just gonna be posting pics of my petz, but at some point i might release downloads!!! im still very new here so i dont know how stuff works.

* i might release some texture packs at some point, i love using custom textures for my petz and i wanna share the stuff i use!!

* i started playing petz 5 when i was a kid. cats were always my favourite animal, so my mother bought me the game- and i absolutely fell in love! ive only just rediscovered the modding/hexing community, and i think its wonderful :)


* 08/10/2022 - Site updated with Jevilcat! x3
* 04/10/2022 - Site created - Hello, world!!